Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 Academic Year

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 Academic Year


DateVisiting SpeakerLocation Title
6 SeptemberHermann Handwerker
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Scaife, 1105A"Silent nociceptors" - a problem of translational neurobiology
19 SeptemberEmeran Mayer
Scaife, 1105A"Visceral Pain in Humans: Deconstructing the Brain's Response"
21 NovemberJanet Keast
University of Sydney
Scaife, 1105A"Estrogen effects on structure and signaling properties of pelvic visceral afferent neurons"
19 DecemberTim Brennan
University of Iowa
Scaife, 1105A"Mechanisms for incisional pain"


16 JanuaryLuda Diatchenko
University of North Carolina
Scaife, 1105A"Expansion of the genomic architecture of the human mu opioid receptor reveals a novel functional SNP"
20 February
Kenneth Hargreaves
University of Texas, San Antonio
Scaife, 1105A"A TRP through trigeminal nociceptors"
19 MarchIrene Tracey
(Pfizer Visiting Professor)
Oxford University

Scaife, 1105A

BST 1495

"The cerebral signature for pain perception in health and disease: does neuroimaging tell us anything new?"

"Pharmacological FMR as useful tool for early analgesic drug development"

28 MarchWilfrid Jänig
Universität Kiel, Germany
Scaife, 1105A"Mechano- and thermosensitivity of regenerating cutaneous afferent fibers after nerve injury"
16 AprilChristopher Nielsen
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Scaife, 1105A"Individual differences in pain sensitivity: measurement, causation and consequences"
21 MayBill Maixner
University of North Carolina
Scaife, 1105A"Pain genetics - lessons learned from temporomandibular joint disorder"

16 June

Clifford Woolf
Harvard University
Scaife, 1105A"Blocking pain with pain"