Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 Academic Year

Date Visiting Speaker /Location Title
09/15/10 Rami Burstein, Harvard Medical School BST, W1495 "Thalamic involvement in photophobia and whole-body allodynia during migraine"

Ian Gilron,Queen's Unvi., Canada

Scaife, 1105A

"Combination pharmacotherapy for the management of pain"
12/15/10 Barbara Hastie, Univ. Florida Scaife, 1105A "Predicting pain across populations: mechanisms, models and conundrums"
02/17/11 Cheryl Stucky, Med. College of Wisconsin BST, W 1495 "Novel mechanisms underlying pain in sickle cell"
2/28/11 Cynthia Hingtgen, Univ. of Indiana BST, W1495 "Where are the GAPs in sensory neuron signaling?”
Martin Schmelz, the Pfizer Visiting Professor BSTWR 1495 “Microneurography – unique insights from single fiber recordings in pain patients”
“Long term axonal sensitization of nociceptors by NGF”
03/16/11 Jay Pasricha, Stanford School of Medicine Scaife, 1105A “An update on inflammatory and “functional” gastrointestinal pain”
04/20/11 Mike Salter, Univ of Toronto, Canada BST, W1495 "Neuronal and Glial Signalling in Pain Neuroplasticity”
5/17/11 Yuriy Usachev, Univ. Iowa BST, W1495 "Mechanisms of short-term and long-term nociceptive plasticity: From TRPV1 to NFAT"
6/29/11 Misha Backonja, University Wisconsin, Madison BST, W1495 Translational pain research: What is it, why does it matter and what we can do to advance it?”

Seminars (from previous years)