Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 Academic Year

Date Visiting Speaker Location Title
09/12/11 Annette Dolphin, University College London BSTW1495 "Voltage-gated calcium channel α2δ subunits: A target site for drugs in the treatment of neuropathic pain"
09/21/11 Richard Harris, University of Michigan Scaife Hall, Room 1105A "Altered brain neurochemistry and function in chronic pain"
12/12/11 Tim Salomons, Toronto Western Research Institute BSTWR, Room 1495 "Who and how? Understanding cognitive modulation of pain"
10/26/11 Eric Moulton, Harvard University Scaife Hall, Room 1105A "Pain neuroimaging in the human trigeminal system and in the cerebellum”
02/15/12 Robert Edwards, Harvard University Scaife Hall, Room 1105A “Biopsychosocial aspects of post-operative pain”
03/09/12 Andrew Todd, University of Glasgow BSTWR, Room 1495 "Unraveling the circuitry in the spinal dorsal horn"
03/21/12 Ru-Rong Ji, Duke University Scaife Hall, Room 1105A "Pain control by anti-imflammatory and pro-resolution lipid mediators"
04/18/12 Quinn Hogan, Medical College of Wisconsin Scaife Hall, Room 1105A "Neuropathic pain: Ca2+ currents, T-junction filtering, and (maybe) cell transplant"
05/03/12 Mark Baccei, University of Cincinnati BSTWR, Room 1495 "Pacemaker activity in the developing superficial dorsal horn"
05/16/12 Amy MacDermott, Columbia University Scaife Hall, Room 1105A "Inhibition in the dorsal horn where touch and pain meet" Time changed to 2:30-3:30pm
06/05/12 Diana Bautista, University of California, Berkely BSTWR, Room 1495 "Itchy mice and star-nosed moles: New approaches to study itch, touch and pain"

Seminars (from previous years)