MSNBIO 2622 - Spring 2013

Mechanisms and Clinical Presentation of Pain Schedule through February

(MSNBIO 2622, 3 semester hours)

Mondays and Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m., 1495 BSTWR

G.F. Gebhart, Course Director
Phone: 412-383-5911
Location: W1444 BSTWR

DateTopicPresenterReading Assignments

07 January

Course organization, pain taxonomy, overview

G. Gebhart

- Melzack & Wall (1965) - Pain mechanisms: A new theory
- E. Perl (2006) - Ideas about pain, a historical view

10 January

Pain Fellows case reports:

  • J. Gardes

  • D. Greco

  • S. Gross


14 January

Pain Fellows case reports:

  • A. Haq

  • E. Helm

  • K. Hibbard


16 January

Ronald Wiley Seminar

All4:00, Room 1495 BSTW

17 January

Pain Fellows case reports:

  • M. Khan

  • J. Miranti


21 January

No Class - Martin Luther King Holiday


23 January

Petra Schweinhardt Seminar


4:00, Room 1495 BSTW

24 January

Nociceptors (definition, assessment, heterogeneity, characteristics)

G. Gebhart

-Snider & McMahon (1998) - Tackling pain at the source: new ideas about nociceptors
-Djouhri & Lawson (2004) - Ab-fiber nociceptive primary afferent neurons...

28 January

Injury-induced changes in afferent signaling

M. Gold

- Hucho & Levine (2007) - Signaling pathways in sensitization
- Gold & Gebhart (2010) - Nociceptor sensitization in pain pathogenesis
Cregg et al. (2010) Pain channelopathies

31 January

Dorsal horn - structure and function

R. Koerber

- Todd (2010) - Neuronal circuitry for painprocessing in the dorsal horn

04 February

Injury-induce changes in dorsal horn signaling

R. Koerber

- Sandkuhler (2009) - Models and mechanisms of hyperalgesia

07 February

Ascending pathways

D. Molliver

- Craig (2003) - Pain review
- Sharif-Naeini & Basbaum (2011) - Targeting pain

11 February

Descending modulatory pathways

G. Gebhart

- Ossipov et al (2010) Central modulation of pain

14 February

Itch and pain

S. Ross

- Ikoma et al (2006) - The neurobiology of itch

18 February

Growth factors, cytokines, chemokines and pain

K. Albers

- Miller et al. (2009) - Cytokine and chemokine regulation of sensory neuron fuction

20 February

Mark Zylka Seminar


4:00, Room 1195 BST

21 February

Neuropathic pain (models, mechanisms)

M. Gold

- Costigan et al. (2009) - Neuropathic pain: A maladaptive response of the nervous system to damage

25 February

Supraspinal representation of pain

J. Ibinson

- Schweinhardt & Bushnell (2010) - Pain imaging in health and disease

28 February

Cancer pain (models and mechanisms)

B. Davis

-Bapat et al (2011)Perineural invasion and associated pain in pancreatic cancer
-Raphael et al (2010) Cancer pain


Distribution of Progress Exam, due back 4 March


7 March

Preclinical approaches to study the genetics of pain and analgesia

W. Lariviere

-Mogil (2012) -Pain genetics: past, present & future
-Lacroix et al. (2009) - Progress in genetic studies...

11-14 March

No Classes - Spring Break



18 March

Genetic factors of human pain and their clinical relevance

I. Belfer

-Max & Stewart (2008) Molecular epidemiology...
-Young et al. (2012) Genetic basis of pain variability: recent advances
-Belfer & Dai (2010) Phenotyping & genotyping neuropathic pain

20 March

Brian Schmidt Seminar


4:00, Room 1195 BST

21 March

Psychosocial assessment and behavioral treatment of chronic pain

C. Greco, Psychiatry

25 March

Visceral Pain (clinical presentation, mechanisms)

K. Bielefeldt,

-Gebhart & Bielefeldt (2008) – Visceral pain

28 March

No Class


4 April


R. Kaniecki,
The Headache

-Karatas et al (2013) headaches PANx1 channels

-Kaniecki - headache overview

8 April

Opioid use in chronic pain management

Class paper due

S. Brancolini, Anesthesilogy, Pain Medicine

-Manchikant et al (2012) - Opioid prescrib part 1

-Manchikant et al (2012) - Opioid prescrib part 2

11 April

Perioperative pain management

B. Williams, Anesthesiology

-Young & Buvanendran (2011) Multimodal System-Analgesics

15 April

Pain in the aged

D. Weiner, Medicine, Director, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship

-Weiner (2013) Pain Medicine

18 April

Student presentations


22 April

Student presentations


If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both the course director and Disability Resources and Services, 216 William Pitt Union, (412) 648-7890/(412) 383-7355 (TTY), as early as possible in the term. DRS will verify your disability and determine reasonable accommodations for this course.

1. Students registered in the course will be asked to select from a list a topic for a paper (10 double spaced pages, not including references, figures or tables). The paper is Due Monday 5pm, 9 April and will constitute - in conjuction with the oral presentation of the topic - about 50% of the course grade. Students will give an oral presentation (20-30 min) of the paper/topic at the end of the semester.

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