Fall 2014 - Srping 2015 Academic Year


17 SeptemberPhilippe Sequela, McGill UniversityBSTW, 1495
"Optogenetic interrogation of pain circuits in transgenic mice"
24 SeptemberAlexandre DaSilva (seminar begins at 10am)
BSTW, 1495"Pain as a research and therapeutic target in migraine and orofacial pain"
15 OctoberGlenn Giesler, University of Minnesota
BSTW, 1495"Studies of itch- and pain-related responses of spinal cord projecting neurons"
12 NovemberGregory Scherrer, Stanford University
BSTW, 1495"Functional organization of the opioid system along pain neural circuits "
17 DecemberMark Hoon, National Insitute of Health (NIH)BSTW, 1495
"Molecular dissection of somatosensation: Thermosensation, pain, and itch"


18 MarchDavid Ginty, Harvard UniversityBSTW, 1495"Development and organization of low-threshold mechanosensory neurons"
15 AprilArdem Patapoutian, Howard Hughes Medical CenterBSTW, 1495
"May the force be with you: Search for molecular sensors of pressure"
13 MayEllen Lumpkin, Columbia University