Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Academic Year

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Academic Year


28 August
Sven-Eric Jordt Yale UniversityBSTW, 1495"Neuronal mechanisms of respiratory irritation: Molecular targets and parallels with the pain pathway"
18 SeptemberRajesh Khanna, Indiana UniversityBSTW, 1495

“Challenging the catechism of therapeutics for chronic neuropathic pain: targeting CaV2.2 interactions with CRMP2”

3 OctoberLuana Colloca, National Institutes of Heath
BSTW, 1495
"Placebo analgesia: From bench to bedside"
9 OctoberZe'ev Selter, Univerity of TorontoBSTW, 1495“Indiana Jones and the Cambodian Pain Genome”
16 OctoberPatrick Dougherty, University of TexasBSTW, 1495“Assessment of pain processing and modulation with quantitative sensory testing (QST)”
30 OctoberChristopher King, Univerity of FloridaBSTW, 1495"CANCELED"
20 November
Ben Kolber, Duquense Univeristy 
BSTW, 1495“Pain in the brain: Lateralization of the central amygdala in the modulation of pain”
18 DecemberAllison Barth, Carnegie Mellon  University
BSTW, 1495

“Central pathways for cold sensation”



19 FebruaryManoj Puthenveedu, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy
Scaife,  1103“Pain and opioid receptor trafficking”
19 MarchSrinivasa Raja, Johns Hopkins UniversityBSTW, 1495“Unraveling the mystery of the potential mechanisms of spinal cord stimulation-induced analgesia”
16 AprilClaudia Campbell,  Johns Hopkins University
BSTW, 1495“Potential mechanisms of ethnic differences in pain”
5 May
Tor Wager, Univerity of Colorado
BSTW, 1495

“Towards fMRI-based biomarkers for pain and emotion”

2 JuneJon-Kar Zueita, University of Michigan
BSTW, 1495“Endogenous opioid mechanisms in persistent pain and relevance to treatment response”
12 JuneClas Linnman, Harvard UniversityBSTW, 1495“Molecular and functional imaging of the pain circuit: From peripheral inflammation to central disruption”
18 JuneMichael Jankowski, Cincinnati Children's HospitalBSTW, 1495“Inflammation and ischemic myalgia”

Seminars (from previous years)