Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 Academic Year

DateVisiting SpeakerLocation Title
19 SeptemberJudith Paice, Northwestern UniversityBST, W1495"War on cancer: New battles"
24 OctoberRobert LaMotte, Yale UniversityBST, W1495"How nociceptors signal itch"
28 NovemberHui-Lin Pan, University of TexasBST, W1495"Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in neuropathic pain"
12 DecemberDaniela Salvemini, St. Louis UniversityBST, W1495"Selective activation of A3 adenosine receptors to alleviate chronic neuropathic pain states"
13 DecemberDavid Yeomans, Stanford UniversityBST, 1195"Transcriptional control of pain chronification"


23 JanuaryPetra Schweinhardt, McGill UniversityBST, W1495"Spying on the brain - cerebral alterarions in chronic pain"                      
20 February 3:30-4:30pm
Mark Zylka, University of North CarolinaBST, 1195
"Biochemical modulation of nociceptor circuits"
6 MarchRonald Wiley, Vanderbilt UniversityBST, W1495"Pain processing in the dorsal horn: analysis using targeted cytotoxins" 
20 MarchBrian Schmidt, New York UniversityBST, 1195
"Neurobiology of cancer pain"


Seminars (from previous years)